Welcome to the virtual database of Standard Schnauzer !


Welcome dear friends to the virtual database of Standard Schnauzers!

This website is dedicated solely to the breed Standard Schnauzer and is a genealogical record of both colours of Standard Schnauzer – Pepper & Salt and Black. The project attempts to gather all possible information about dogs of past and present.

The database will allow you to trace pedigrees, siblings and offspring. The health test results, show achievements and CIOs for each dog are displayed and it can be used as tool for breeders to do hypothetical matings and calculate the potential CIOs.

With enthusiastic members and administration working together to ensure the database is constantly updated, we hope that one day there will be no blank spots in the history of the breed.

There are four main sections on our web-site: Section DATABASE is a directory of Standard Schnauzers and is open to all visitors.

Under section KENNELS provides information on existing and operating kennels of Standard Schnauzers.

Section SHOWS created for quick entry and reporting the results of dog shows in conjunction with the data of any entered dog.

Section JUDGES is still under construction but we hope it will be useful for the future.

When using this database it is necessary to consider the following points:

  1. Only registered users can add a dog to the database.
  2. Before adding a dog, please, be sure to confirm whether it has already been registered in the database (enter the first few letters in the search field). When making a new entry please enter the full Kennel name of the dog (preferably in English) without any ‘titles’ before the name, titles and other achievements can be added once the dog is accepted to the database. If you have many dogs to enter it is advised you contact one of the admin team. Dual writing of nicknames is NOT ALLOWED.
    The database will only allow dogs with pedigrees, as recognized by FCI, AKC and KC!
  3. If you find your dog in the database, but want to maintain its own page, adjust the data, replace the photo, then you need to register as a member. Once you have been confirmed as a member you will be able to make adjustments to your dog’s information.
  4. If your dog is not in the database, then the easiest way to add them is to start by entering information of the furthest relatives, adding all and any dogs absent from the database. However, if you have multiple dogs to enter you may want to contact one of our administration team.
  5. After filling in all the required fields, you make a request for a dog, and then, within a few days, it is activated, ie, appears in the database (if previously there was none).
  6. Optimal size of photos - 335 pixels in width, not more than 40 kilobytes. Photos of less than 300 pixels in width or very poor quality may be deleted by the administration. If you have problems resizing any of your photographs we may be able to help, send them by email to
  7. When you enter your dog’s date of birth, the date is entered in the format (complete year is necessary). If you do not know the dog’s date of birth, put please 00.00.0000. If you know only the year of birth, you need to write like 00.00.1988
  8. In section show results, please add results with the addition of any missing dogs and their catalogue details into the database. If not the complete information the results will be deleted.
  9. If you have more information about existing dogs entered into the database, please contact us by e-mail.

The Administration for this site are not responsible for data and photos added by users.


This directory could not exist without the help of dedicated enthusiasts of the breed, providing the data for its content. We have organized this database collectively, so many thanks to all the people who have contributed, we hope it be an aid in the future development of the breed.


5 sires, having biggest number of offspring in the base

72 Offspring in base
52 Offspring in base
51 Offspring in base
42 Offspring in base
42 Offspring in base
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